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Ely Farms Pickled Asparagus Spears are prepared from a family recipe and were a national FFA entrepreneur winner. The zesty crunch of this unique pickled asparagus product is sure to keep you coming back for more. This pickled asparagus is an excellent addition to any relish tray and a unique way to spice up a Bloody Mary. Ely Farms pickled asparagus was established in 1999 on the Ely family farm in Grafton, Nebraska. Their pickled asparagus business began with the planting, harvesting, and selling of fresh asparagus. After a year of fresh asparagus production, Ely Farms used a unique family recipe to develop a gourmet pickled asparagus product, in which sales originated in their hometown of Sutton, Nebraska.. Since their beginning in 1999, Ely Farms Pickled Asparagus Spears have become a highly acclaimed specialty product in the state of Nebraska - known for their unique taste. They have recently seen their Pickled Asparagus product spread into surrounding areas.

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This zesty dill and garlic flavor of Ely Farms pickled asparagus, green beans, and okra, with a red hot chili pepper kick, has a texture that is crisp and refreshing.  With a hint of garlic and dill, along with a light ‘kick’ compliments of a red hot chili pepper, Ely Farms pickled product flavor is just right!

Bacon & Cheese Phyllo Wrapped Pickled Asparagus

Try this mouthwatering recipe from "An Affair From the Heart"

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